Who are we?

What do you get when you get a few girls together, and open a bottle of wine? The answer is… the most brilliant ideas. One of those ideas is the Celebrator.

Many women have thought about it, a vibrator on the base of an electrical toothbrush or motor driver of any other kind (a lot of them have even tried to use it as a toy, in most cases a just-not-it-experience...) As did we.

We’ve taken this idea to Iwan and Dimitri Gobel, two well-known people in the world of design and entrepreneurs. (Iwan’s even received the prize for best entrepreneur in 2005!).

These men have picked up the idea, and have made a concept version of the Celebrator.

Of course, a concept wouldn’t be a concept if it wasn’t going to be improved. We’ve been working a year, with different testing phases, and with 500 women. Where possible, we changed the product until it was perfect, according to us and the test panel!

And there it is. The Celebrator. A funny, easy, effective, feminine but above all affordable product. Feminine pink, discreet, beautifully wrapped and to be used in many ways… but the real innovation is that it fits on the electrical toothbrush, of course!

Nowadays the Celebrator is prescribed by leading Dutch medical sexuologists and general practitioners, (and some foreign ones, too), and it has been chosen to be one of 200 best brands and products to be ever made in Holland (along with a.o. the microscope and the Compact Disc).

People behind Celebrator

Iwan Gobel. Iwan is the one that made the ladies’ idea to the first conceptversion. He is also the one that put the Celebrator in the international market. It’s not a coincidence that Iwan received the ‘entrepreneur of the year’ prize in 2005.

Dimitri Gobel, Iwan’s brother, is the one that made the final design for the Celebrator. He also made several other products, like a 2cv kitcar (the Burton, see www.burtoncar.com), and the kross urinoir that nowadays can be found at almost any festival.


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