Problems and solutions

An average of 33% of all women has a hard time having an orgasm. This percentage increases to 50% when there’s a partner involved. So if you’re having trouble having an orgasm, you’re not the only one!

But… why do so many women have trouble getting to Himalaya heights? Stress, embarrassment, not taking enough time for yourself, not being able to let yourself go… or even worse; women nowadays are so busy taking care of other people (children, husband, colleagues…) that they forget themselves. This obviously also affects the sexlife, which is a shame, of course!

We thought that it was about time to do something about it. It is time that every women, even if there’s little time, has the possibility to enjoy her own body, her own sexuality!

Of the women that have trouble having orgasms, 82% did have an orgasm using the Celebrator. Moreover, 79% of the women told us they liked the easy going character of the Celebrator, especially in contrast with other sex toys which can sometimes be overwhelming… or have a high ‘porn rate’.

In short: the Celebrator is fun, subtle, tasteful, discreet and made especially for you!


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