How to use the Celebrator?

For the most optimal pleasure with the Celebrator a number of things are important. Relax, enjoy and take the time; it is your party. Get used to the stimulations and vibrations and slowly warm up.

Because of the shape of the Celebrator every side has another effect. If you find it more pleasant you can also use the Celebrator when wearing your slip; you’ll feel the vibrations less intense. So listen carefully to your body and find out how the Celebrator works the best for you.

Women usually have a lot of things/matters on their minds. An important given, concerning getting an orgasm and having maximum pleasure in your sex life, is the concentration on yourself. Remember that everything is for your own pleasure.

Ofcourse you can also enjoy the Celebrator with your partner. There are several ways to do this. Let romance, sensuality, faith, creativity and fun play with the massaging vibrations.


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