Introduction Celebrator Complete a.k.a. the Celebrator Motor Driver

Yes! Itís finally there. The perfect addition to the Celebrator!

After perfecting the Celebrator itself, our urge to improve still wasnít satisfied. We went looking for the things that made the Celebrator not-yet-perfect. What isnít good yet about the regular electrical toothbrush?

Weíve had a lot of reactions complaining about the sound. The sound of an electrical toothbrush isnít the most eroticizing sound in the world, is it? So the first thing weíve done? Cutting back the sound to an absolute minimum!

Also, there have been reactions on the intensity of an electrical toothbrush. Sometimes itís too intense, and sometimes it lacks just a little bit. The solution? Two speeds.

Also, a lot of women seem to like using the Celebrator in the shower. SoÖ waterproof? Check!

And now, after a lot of testing rounds, itís finally finished. We call our newest addition to the family the Celebrator Motor Driver (also known as the Celebrator Complete). Our only, true, own toothbrush, perfectly adapted to the Celebrator itself. And the best part? Your old toothbrush-heads fit right on top, so the Motor Driver can also be used as a regular toothbrush.

The pink colour also means that the men in your house wonít grab your toothbrush that easily to add a layer of dried toothpaste to your mouth-hygiene device; itís obvious that the pink toothbrush is yours!


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