The Celebrator is a revolution in the sexual spheres. You can also be a part of this success. There are several possibilities:

1) Store sales. You stock the Celebrator and sell these in your own shops. The margins are good and get better when you increase the amount of your order. At this moment you can choose for a package of 3 pieces, a package of 10 pieces and a box with a 100 pieces. Contact us for a price index.

2) As a relation gift for events, exhibitions, festivals, discotheques or a naughty Christmas gift! You can get Celebrators individually or by a package of 3 pieces, or a package of 10 pieces. Contact us for a price index.

3) Internet sales. You have the possibility to buy large quantities for a very reduced price. We can also take care of the complete logistical transaction for you. Contact us for further information.


Your order will be shipped discreetly


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