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"It has always been a tradition among my girlfriends to give each other sex toys. The Celebrator is fantastic! Itís inexpensive, it comes in a nice present wrap, its good, easily packed, and it can be hidden from little brothers very well! And finally, we can discuss in what exciting places we have used it this time!"Maxime, 18 years old.

"Iíve been using the Celebrator for a year now, and itís really good! I used to have troubles getting orgasms, but since I discovered the Celebrator itís become a lot easier. And itís way more hygienic then an average vibrator, as long as you use it for yourself only; the tip can even be washed in a dishwasherÖ"Carly, 37 years old.

"Finally I have found a nice way to discuss the topic 'having sex with yourself' thanks to the Celebrator. All the reserves we had about this topic were being laughed away." Barbara, 31 years old.

"The Celebrator is incredible and works very well for me so I had to tell my girl friends about it!" Debbie, 22 years old.

"I am single for quite some time now and enjoy it a lot. Itís just that my sex life is a bit irregular. I find it important to have fun without having to depend on a relationship. Now that I have the Celebrator I know that I do not have to worry about this any longer!" M., 52 years old.

Wouldnít you like to openly discuss sex toys with your girls? Youíre not the only one. Try it, talk about it with friends, and youíll see that youíre not the only one that feels good about it! And this way, you can even advise and help each other. The use of a toy is no longer a taboo, but itís something to Celebrate!

Also in your sex life the Celebrator can be a fresh, new addiction. Just talk about the use of toys! In that way, you can even let your partner know what you really like and what you donít like so much, so that your special moment becomes even more intimate and exciting!

(Just as girls amongst each other, a lot of men find it very pleasant when the woman lets him know what she likes or doesnít like. Keep the instructions brief though, or even better, show him how itís done, to make sure his ego stays intact. And believe me; itís very exciting to show him how itís done!)


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